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Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Snapchat? If you're not, your business needs to be on at least three of these social media platforms.

Setting these up aren't rocket science but can be time consuming and problematic if you don't get it right from the start.


Choosing the right platforms are also important and they are not necessarily all going to right and beneficial for your business. Some could in fact have an opposite effect and be detrimental for your business.

Digital Bread n Butter will advise on what platforms are best for your business and take care of setting them up for you.

We don't just leave things there, we will then provide a guide for best practice and how to get the best from them.

Sharing your business on social media can be an affordable and very effective way of promoting your business and if you are already on Facebook or twitter etc. then what is better than giving your business a kick start by getting your friends to help spread the word.

Social Media Essentials - from £99
for 3 platforms i.e. facebook, instagram & linkedin
  • Consultation on what social media type would be most beneficial for your business

  • Social media pages set up with photos, basic business information etc. 

  • Guide provided on when and what to post

  • Advice on additional tools to schedule and keep tabs on your posts 

  • Facebook campaigns set up for increased presence, aimed at targetted audiences (additional cost)

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